I’m Elisabeth or just called Liz, an original bavarian girl, a Münchner Kindl, as we say it here! Living the big family life at the green fields of one of the Munich suburbs, which I love to stroll with my dog. It’s always kind of a lovely creative chaos around because of all the stuff I need, to create new DIY’s or for another project.

What else do I like: Food, cooking & baking, journaling, planners, natural beauty products, nature, being outside and nice long walks with my dog, interior + design, TIU workout program, photography, travel and lots more… if you want to know more, go on…

For about five years I had my own company working as Cosmetician and Make up Artist – things I’m certainly interested by nature too, cause I’m a girl –  but also cause I’ve learned about the need of many many people around the world, to feel beautiful, to take care about yourself and calm down of all the exhausting things we have to do all day. It was very interesting to see the different beauty rituals all over the world and that’s also one thing I wanted to share. My company was called ‚My beauty lounge‘ – so that’s why the site got this name. And for sure it’s not just about the outside beauty here, it’s also to take care of your inside, your soul! Currently I’m trying to change my lifestyle to more sustainable, fair, bio and more vegan stuff out there, so be curious about what’s coming next.

Beneath my full time job in business travel, I started a „new project“ for myself, studying graphic design! One of my dreams! But after adopting my dog Noelia, and having the blog too, there was not a lot time to study, so I didn’t made it in time to get my degree. Anyway I hope to complete all the sessions which I still can go thru and learning by doing..wish me luck! In the meanwhile, Noelia is going to be a man trailer…

The decision of giving this little dog orphan Noelia a home, was the best ever! So since October 2012 I’m a proud dog mommy and the „little“ sweet one inspired to create a new hashtag #Noeliadogdiaries. With #Noeliadogdiaries I’ll show you a lot of our new exciting way together. You can search via Twitter and Instagram. I’m so glad to have her, even though there were times going crazy (it’s same with kids right?) but having this roller coaster going fast, there’s a lot we learn from each other. I heard you never get the dog you want, but the dog you NEED. So I’m pretty sure, she’s here with me for a reason and teaches me what I need to be a better human. Hope you enjoy our stories and pictures too!

Oh and by the way, the blog is also known as LizXIII, that’s because of my forearm tattoo with the roman numeral thirteen. This number/tattoo means a lot, if you wanna know the meaning just ask me.

Anyway I love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to send me an email or enter a comment! ->

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!